My Visit! AWESOME!!
Good Morning! I want to give a BIG THANK YOU and SHOUT OUT! To Mike Brunos Bayou Country Harley Davidson!!!! It started in 2015 when I traded a 2007 Yamaha Tourer Deluxe. Gina (sales at that time), Mr. Brian! Mr. Brett! Mr. Dennis! Jane Ellen! Thats where it started and still going today. I have few new names added after our GREAT experience on September 10th. Adding to our Blessings is Anna Cole Service Manager, (you freakin ROCK girl!) for finding what you found (rear tire) wow, great job! And on the same note you were even more concerned about the safety and welfare of myself and my precious cargo (my wife), Anna, again, you and your staff have become a blessing for me and Tammy. Your amazing character is shared by all in your department and also the whole facility in Houma, LA. To the Service Department, Jim Burkitt!! For completing my maintenance and repairs, I noticed a big difference when I drove off, Big thank you sir, Logan Russler for adding on my extras, you are the bomb brother, looks GREAT and Big thank you sir, and to J! J. Dufresne! Big thank you Bro for coordinating everything and keeping us posted throughout the day, you NAILED IT! Thank you. Folks, Bayou Country Service Department, Yes INDEED you guys freakin Rock! Thank you so much! Well folks it dont end there, thats for sure. Another big home run hitter! To Tara Highfill in motor cloths and I think accessories as well. She and Tammy got into discussions in regards to rain suits, head dress for ladies, helmets and probably all kinda other stuff, but my point is that she engaged in conversation and compassion while answering questions for Tammy which made her feel right at home, Big Big shout out to Tara! Thank you maam so much! God Bless! We love our new rain gear! More home run hitters! Parts!! More Big shout outs! Chuckie Nelson!! And Alex Parfait!! Awesome dudes, you did not let us leave until the part was right! RIGHT ON brothers! Thank you so much!! Bike Sales! Big hitters! Shane Douzat! As always Big Thank you bro! I have contacted you in the past, you took all my calls and answered all my questions even on an occasional visits at the dealership just to shoot the breeze, and you ROCK! Brother, I will eventually do that perfect CVO with you, hang in there, lol. Big Thanks Bro! God Bless! Riley Holt! Thank you for the tour of the 2020 bro, NICE! Very informative, thank you for that brother! God Bless! Biggest Shout Out!!! To Mr. Brett, Mr. Brian, Mr. Dennis, as always Thank You for making us feel welcome on each and every visit, you guys are AWESOME MAN! Thank You So Much! I want to keep this going and looking forward to many more years of business with you guys. I hope I got everyone, and if I didnt please I apologize! GOD BLESS ALL! And THANK YOU ALL! ALWAYS BE SAFE! Jason and Tammy, (Employee: Riley Holt, Brian Elliott, Anna Cole, Alex Parfait, Chuckie Nelson, Dennis Guidry, J Dufresne, Jane Ellen Jones, Logan Russler, Jim Burkitt, Shane Douzat, Tara Highfill, Mike Bruno)
Jason Abshire
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